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Justin Hulsey is a songwriter and musician with Midwest roots and a Nashville musical upbringing. After several international tours, he now resides and performs in Los Angeles.

Hulsey's songwriting is versatile. memorable and always progressive. With over 5 albums under his belt, his catalog ranges from heartbreaking acoustic to straight up rock with elements of grunge and prog. His most recent work is self-produced, allowing room for an alter ego, SØREN, which released an EP in 2018.

As an avid reader and literary buff, Hulsey's music is very honest and lyrically driven, no matter the genre. His latest single release, "Fun Gun" is his perfect display of passion for human rights meets singable melodies with hard hitting poetry.

His albums, Morning Bloom and youth gods are available for streaming and download everywhere as well as his EPs Light up the road and four songs.


his side project, SØREN, released its debut ep titled "eidolon" in 2018. Justin is the writer, performer and producer for SØREN.


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